Vocational Program Representative

Susan Schonfeld
Executive Council – Vocational Program Representative

Director Community Integrated Services
441 N. 5th Street, Suite 210
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Mission of Community Integrated Services is to enable people with disabilities to become fully integrated into, and involved in their communities. Our focus is to support people as they find and keep jobs in the community, and become involved in other meaningful community activities during the day. We believe that all people have the right to be active in their community regardless of their disability, or the level of support they may need. We believe that an individual’s services must be truly centered around that person, and that their choices and desires are the basis upon which services are provided. We believe that along with the right to be involved in the community, comes a person’s responsibilities to that community, and we support and guide those we serve in fulfilling their responsibilities. Through creativity, flexibility, and a complete commitment to community-based services, CIS provides individualized, person centered supports and training so those we serve may take their rightful place in the community.


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