Visions for EQuality, Inc.

Vision for EQuality Inc.
Executive Council – Founding Member

Mission Statement

To assist and empower people with disabilities and their families to seek quality and satisfaction in their lives as well as equal access to supports and services

We BELIEVE that all people have a right to live a happy and meaningful life, which includes:

  • The power, authority, and resources to control their own destiny

  • A sense of belonging and acceptance for who they are

  • Being treated with dignity and respect

  • The chance to participate as valued members of their community

  • Options, creativity and security in their everyday lives

  • Meaningful and loving personal relationships

  • The opportunity to express their own spirituality

  • Access to good health care

A vision grounded firmly in community.

“The torch must be carried by the parents of the younger generation. The tools I give to them to overcome their obstacles are the following: never-ending hope, perseverance and unequivocal belief that all people are created equal.” — Leona Fialkowski


It started with two women and a Vision. A vision that everyone belongs in the community, everyone deserves the right to a happy and meaningful life, and everyone’s voice should be heard.  Audrey Coccia and Maureen Devaney created Vision For EQuality (VFE) in 1996 to change the lack of understanding and support people with disabilities and their families experienced in the community.  What we take for granted; the sense of belonging and acceptance for who we are; being treated with respect; the opportunity to express our own spirituality; have the power, authority and resources to control our own destiny; and having options and security in our lives are not the norm for people with disabilities.  Audrey Coccia and Maureen Devaney vowed to change that reality. Vision For Equality was one of the first agencies in the nation to develop programs that enabled people with disabilities and their families to directly monitor services provided to the disabilities community.

In the over 15 years since Vision For EQuality was founded, we have had many success stories.  We have worked tirelessly everyday to look for avenues of support for people with autism and disabilities, all of which need support through no fault of their own.  Unfortunately, our struggle is far from over. Today over 16,000 people with autism, and other disabilities in Pennsylvania receive no help or guidance allowing them to live a decent life.  Unless we provide alternative solutions, many of these people will have no option but to be separated from their families and friends, uprooted from their community, and moved to an institution miles away from home.  Vision For EQuality has worked for, and will continue to work for solutions until we have created One Community For All.