Recreation and Leisure

Recreation and leisure activities are ones which:

• Allow one to master new things

• Are freely chosen

• Are undertaken in free time

• Expose one to a variety of social, cultural intellectual or physical activities

• Make one feel good, fulfilled and satisfied

• Offer opportunities to meet people in the community

• Promote enjoyment, relaxation or satisfaction

• Provide opportunities to express creativity


Why is recreation and leisure important?

Recreation and Leisure:

• promote quality of life.

• increase self esteem and confidence

• provide opportunity to make their own choices

• It enables us to become involved and feel part of the community.

• It increases the opportunity to gain and develop new friendships.

• It allows us to be challenged, take risks and experience new things.

• It bridges the gap between attending and participating in the community.

• It allows people to contribute their skills and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

• It promotes frienships through shared experiences.