National Special Education Advocacy Institute

National Special Education Advocacy Institute
Executive Council – Founding Member

NSEAI is the educational arm of the National Center For Autism Resources And Education. Since September of 2008, NSEAI has provided education advocacy training to several thousand individuals (parents, community agencies, clinicians, educational advocates, lawyers and school personnel) nationally.

NSEAI was the first nationally:

  • to develop, adopt, and publish an Education Advocacy Practice Act in 2008, guidelines and standards, that addresses the ethics in Education Advocacy private practice.

  • to provide training, of this caliber, that is open to parents, community agencies, clinicians, educational advocates, lawyers and school personnel. Each group learning, cooperatively, to appreciate each other’s role in providing FAPE.

  • to require extensive continuing education for advocates, promoting quality improvement within the required core base of advocacy knowledge.

  • to take seriously the profession of education advocacy, and offer a board certification program in Education Advocacy, with a BCEA designation.

  • to provide an extensive cross training in special education, including the best practices in education, behavior management, legal and clinical aspects of this broad field. This training was designed, not only to address the legal aspects of special education law and its application, but also to develop professional advocacy skills and a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base necessary to effectively and collaboratively advocate to:

     •  Develop IEPs that are effective in getting adequate progress in students skills
•  Develop IEPs that are educationally beneficial AND legally sufficient
•  Promote least restrictive environment placement
•  Promote the use of appropriate evaluation tools to identify educational needs
•  Develop truly individualized educational plans and programming
•  Facilitate inclusion of students with special education needs with their peers
•  Reduce individual and system barriers to a FAPE for students
•  Promote effective communication and IEP facilitation skills
•  Promote the use of early transition goal development and post secondary goals
•  Promote ethical and responsible education advocacy practices
•  Understand the social, emotional, legal and financial impact of special education
on families and students and the appropriate use of community based services
•  Improve networking and marketability of the professional advocate

NSEAI’s mission is to improve the quality and professionalism in the field of education advocacy, by encouraging the development of highly educated and knowledgeable education advocates through the NSEAI’s, BCEA™, program.


* RESEARCH related to Autism and related neuro-developmental disorders,

* PUBLIC AWARENESS about incidence of disorders and effective treatment,

* ACCURATE INFORMATION dissemination of up to date, research based information to families, educators and medical professionals, and

* EDUCATION of parents, advocates, clinicians, educators, lawyers and the community as to best practices and appropriate treatment. Promoting a collaborative, cross training approach.


* BEING A SOURCE of accurate, up to date, research based information,

* TRAINING families, educators and clinicians and lawyers, through community training programs,

* SUPPORTING community programs that promote awareness about disabilities and support families and individuals with disabilities,

* PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE through education advocacy, self advocacy, independent living and home and community based services for children and adults with Autism and related neuro-developmental disorders,

* FUNDING of research that addresses the quality of life for parents and their children with Autism, and

* SPONSORING quality Special Education Advocacy trainings through NSEAI, which provides on-site, on-line training and conferences.