“And when the light of hope shines on all this world, then our future will be connected with your future.”
–Naoki Higashida, from The Reason I Jump


The Philadelphia Transition Coordinating Council ‘s purpose is to plan and facilitate successful transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life. We are a partnership of youth with disabilities, families, educators, service providers, employers, and the Philadelphia County community.
  • Develop models for transition that are clear, concise and usable
  • Promote the use of evidenced based best practices in the area of secondary transition
  • Support interagency collaboration
  • Provide reliable, updated resources accessible to the community.
  • Engage with and develop awareness of our business community
  • Develop stronger partnerships with our business community
  • Establish methods to obtain feedback from individuals who graduate or age out of the school system to improve future transition planning.


Artwork credit: Dwayne Boone